Step #1

Remember, you can promote any single online course for individual students, not bundles, subscriptions, or group classes. Download and read the Affiliate Packet. The entire process for becoming an affiliate, as well as the terms and conditions for commission sales are outlined in this packet.

Step #3

If you have never taken one of our courses, you will receive an affiliate login ID, password and course links from the director to track your commission sales. If you are a current or previous student, you will use your same student login to track your commission sales, and you will also receive affiliate course links from the director.

Step #4

Share your affiliate links with your networks. Customers must  click and enroll in courses through your affiliate link within 30 days of visiting the course landing page. The link tracks your sales, so this is important.

Step #5

Receive payment (PayPal or Zelle) on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

  1. We only accept affiliates that live within the United States and Canada.

  2. Please download the "Affiliate Packet" to read all contractual terms and conditions for becoming an OnyxEd paid affiliate.