Level up your vocabulary!

Spice up your speeches & presentations.

Have you ever wanted to sound smart? At some point, all of us want to use 'fancy' words to convey our deepest most intelligent thoughts, especially to impress co-workers or professors. What about persona non grata, in toto, zeitgeist or ex officio? The "Smarty Pants Vocabulary Builders," online group training is a fun way to expand your pallette of words.

As a result of taking this class, you will:
  • Upgrade your vocabulary with French, Latin, German and Italian words.
  • Enhance your speeches, business or academic writing.
  • Develop marketable writing and communication skills.
  • Course Curriculum

      1. Video: Lesson One

      2. Slides: Lesson One

      3. Smarty Pants Quiz #1

      1. Video: Lesson Two

      2. Slides: Lesson Two

      3. Smarty Pants Quiz #2

      1. Video: Lesson Three

      2. Slides: Lesson Three

      3. Smarty Pants Quiz #3

      1. Video: Lesson Four

      2. Slides: Lesson Four

      3. Smarty Pants Quiz #4

      1. Video: Lesson Five

      2. Slides: Lesson Five

      3. Smarty Pants Quiz #5

    About this course

    • 23 lessons
    • 0.5 hours of video content

    What You Get

    Business professionals or employees taking this class for training purposes have pre-determined days of access to complete the course and receive certificates, in accordance with group enrollment procedures. The instructor retains all copyright ownership for all of the materials presented in this course. Any resources not directly written by the instructor are duly noted and properly cited. Students are expected to abide by fair use laws when printing course materials. No part of this course may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

    • Video Lessons
      Lecture Slides
      PDF Handouts

    • 24/7 Access

    • Certificate of Completion

    Bottom-line Enrollment Objectives

    Our training delivers results!

    • What will be different once your team is trained?

      Improvements in identifying and correcting errors in their own writing. Increased ability to write with more sophisticated vocabulary, correct usage, and professionalism.

    • What will these new skills allow your team to do?

      Produce written documents faster and more efficiently with fewer errors. Proofread and correct errors before publishing and distributing emails and other workplace documents.

    • How will these new skills support the business?

      Email marketing, social media ads, blog posts--good writing persuades customers, drives sales, and increases revenue. Overall, effective communication is good for business.


    • How can I contact you directly?

      Ashan R. Hampton, Director
      Onyx Online Education, LLC
      8509 W. Markham St. #56835
      Little Rock, AR 72205
      Email: ashan@onyxedonline.com
      Websites: www.onyxedonline.com
      Phone: 901-264-9409

    • How do you handle purchase orders, requistions or paper checks?

      We expediently send invoices complete with our EIN number to the group's contact person. Requirements for check or money order payments are included in the group enrollment packet. Classes will not open until payment is received.

    • Why is there a time limit on enrollment?

      Instead of a few hours in a one-day workshop, webinar or tutoring session, our self-paced online classes are built to deliver high quality training in a short amount of time for busy professionals.

    • Why are there no refunds?

      All enrollments are final. No refunds. Our courses have taken copious amounts of time and personal finances to build. We are confident that all of our courses deliver the exact instruction you need to improve your writing skills. You will not be disappointed!

    • When will certificates be issued?

      Certificates are immediately auto-generated when the course is 100% complete and can be downloaded or shared to LinkedIn from the student dashboard. If the certificate is missing at the end of the class, contact the Director.

    Group Pricing Options

    Price per person. Contact the Director for group payment procedures.