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The "Proofreading Power Basics Express PRO" online group training surveys your interests and skills to see if proofreading for professional development or profit is right for you. What is proofreading? What is the job function of a proofreader? To help you decide, each video lesson, exercise and quiz reflect the essential, fundamental duties of a proofreader. Proofreading is a highly marketable skill, especially for people with a writing background. Training in this area can greatly increase your employment or freelance business prospects.

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Proofreading Power Training
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What You Get

Business professionals or employees taking this class for training purposes have pre-determined days of access to complete the course and receive certificates, in accordance with group enrollment procedures. The instructor retains all copyright ownership for all of the materials presented in this course. Any resources not directly written by the instructor are duly noted and properly cited. Students are expected to abide by fair use laws when printing course materials. No part of this course may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

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Course Curriculum

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  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Proofreader Expectations

    • Video: Proofreader Expectations

    • Slides: Proofreader Expectations

    • Quiz: Proofreader Expectations

  • 3

    Grammar Assessment

    • Grammar Quiz

    • Grammar Classes

  • 4

    Proofreading Tips

    • Video: Proofreading Tips

    • Slides: Proofreading Tips

    • On-screen Exercise #1

    • Answers: On-screen #1

    • Quiz: Proofing Tips

  • 5

    Proofreading Strategies

    • Video: Proofreading Strategies

    • Slides: Proofreading Strategies

    • On-screen Exercise #2

    • Answers: On-screen #2

  • 6

    Proofreading Marks

    • Video: Proofreading Marks

    • Slides: Proofreading Marks

    • Quiz: Proofing Marks

  • 7

    Proofreading Business Scenario

    • Business Scenario

    • Quiz: Business Scenario

  • 8

    Before You Finish

    • Quiz: Proofreading Final

    • Interested in Freelance Proofreading?

    • Proofreading Books

    • Grammar Books

    • Your Certificate

    • Course Review


5 star rating

PROOFREADING POWER BASICS: The title is exactly perfect for this class because it gives the basics of what is expected for proofreading.


The class is great and very easy to understand.

The class is great and very easy to understand.

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  • Why is there a time limit on enrollment?

    Instead of a few hours in a one-day workshop, webinar or tutoring session, our self-paced online classes are built to deliver high quality training in a short amount of time for students and busy professionals.

  • Why are there no refunds?

    All enrollments are final. No refunds. Our courses have taken copious amounts of time, soul energy, and personal finances to build. We are confident that all of our courses deliver the exact instruction you need to improve your writing skills. Please take our low-cost introductory class, "Grammar Essentials Jump-start" to get a good feel for the value you receive at such affordable prices. You will not be disappointed!

  • When will I receive my certificate?

    When you have fulfilled all class requirements, and have scored a 80% or above on all assignments, you will receive a certificate within 24-48 hours after you have finished the class, not to exceed 7 days after you finish, depending on holidays and high class volumes.

Pricing per person

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