Are you interested in copyediting?

Great for experienced proofreaders & writers looking to expand their services. Curious learners & self-starters should start with proofreading first.

Are you interested in copyediting? Is it like proofreading? What do copyeditors do? Well, if any of these questions have crossed your mind, this class is for you! Practically speaking, the job of the copyeditor is much more detailed and specialized than a proofreader. However, it helps to have a basic knowledge of proofreading, because all of those skills transfer to copyediting. In fact, as companies continue to downsize, a copyeditor might also function as an all-in-one writer and proofreader. (Yes, we talk about this in the course.) We also tackle this burning question at the very beginning of the course: "Is it copyediting (one word) or copy editing (two words)?" Enroll in this introductory copyediting course to find out!

"Copyediting Essentials 101" is informational and practical. This class does not focus on how to copyedit, because it is geared toward experienced wordsmiths who want to add a new skill to their portfolios. Before spending resources pursuing copyediting for freelance or full-time employment opportunities, this class will help you decide whether or not this skill and profession is a good fit for you. After working through the lessons, you will be presented with a mega copyediting test to assess your current grammar and language skills. By the end of this course, you will have a complete understanding of the duties, workflow and skill requirements for copyediting, and whether or not this is a viable career option for you.

What's Inside

As an individual (single user) taking this class for personal or professional development, you have full access to class materials for your specified time of enrollment (no expiration for lifetime access). You must complete all lessons and surveys to receive your certificate. Learn at your own pace. The instructor retains all copyright ownership for all of the materials presented in this course. Any resources not directly written by the instructor are duly noted and properly cited. Students are expected to abide by fair use laws when printing course materials. No part of this course may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Copyediting Introduction

    • Video: Copyediting vs. copy editing

    • Slides: Copyediting vs. copy editing

    • Quiz: Grammar Warmup

  • 3

    Proofreading vs. Copyediting

    • Video: Proofreading vs. Copyediting

    • Slides: Proofreading vs. Copyediting

    • Handout: Proofreading vs. Copyediting

  • 4

    Job of the Copyeditor

    • Video: Job of the Copyeditor

    • Slides: Job of the Copyeditor

    • Text: Real-life Example

  • 5

    The Copyeditor Toolkit

    • Video: The Copyeditor Toolkit

    • Slides: The Copyeditor Toolkit

    • DQ: Assignment

  • 6

    Style Guides

    • Video: Using Style Guides

    • Slides: Using Style Guides

    • PDF: Copyeditor Style Essentials

    • Quiz: AP Style Practice

  • 7

    Grammar Essentials

    • Video: Copyeditor Grammar

    • Slides: Copyeditor Grammar

    • Quiz: Grammar Practice

  • 8

    Editing Numbers

    • Video: General Rules

    • Slides: General Rules

    • Video: Numbers & Words

    • Slides: Numbers as Words

    • PDF: Numbers Exercise

    • Answers: Numbers Exercise

    • Quiz: Numbers

  • 9

    Writing Headlines

    • Video: Writing Headlines

    • Slides: Writing Headlines

    • DQ: Assignment

  • 10

    Editing Headlines

    • Video: Editing Headlines

    • Slides: Editing Headlines

    • PDF: Editing Checklist

    • PDF: Editing Exercise

    • Answers: Editing Exercise

  • 11

    Assignment: News Article

    • DQ: Copyediting Assignment

    • PDF: Copyediting Assignment

  • 12

    Copyeditor Test

    • PDF: Copyeditor Test

    • Answers: Copyeditor Test

    • PDF: Scoring Guide

    • Video: Answers Explained

  • 13

    Finding Jobs

    • Video: Finding Jobs

    • Slides: Finding Jobs

    • PDF: 38 Proofreader & Editor Jobs

  • 14

    Before You Finish

    • New Copyediting Book

    • Proofreading Books

    • Student Writing Books

    • Grammar Books

    • Your Certificate

    • Course Review


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