Business Plans for Beginners. Save Time & Money!

Writing a business plan step by step is not easy. But, before spending hundreds of dollars on expensive resources, try drafting your own. The research has already been done for you! All of the materials in this toolkit will help you quickly organize your information into a startup business plan that you can submit for LLC incorporation in your state of residence.

With each worksheet and template, you can begin to outline the story of your company before consulting a professional writer or business strategist. This toolkit walks you through the brainstorming and organizing process so that you can share a clear vision for your business with partners or potential investors. Although any small business can benefit from these resources, this toolkit was designed with online ecommerce and digital content creators in mind.

  • Best business plan resources for startup business owners: sole proprietors, single-member LLCs, and ecommerce/online businesses

  • Business Plan Worksheets (16 pages)

    Detailed business Plan Outline (17 pages)

    Fully Designed Business Plan Templates for Inspiration (PDF files)

  • Downloads: Income Statement Templates ( PDF, Word & Excel Files)

  • Duration: Lifetime Access

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    1. PDF: Business Plan Resource Links

    2. PDF: Brainstorming Worksheet

    3. PDF: Operations Plan Worksheet

    4. PDF: Management Team Worksheet

    5. PDF: Executive Summary Worksheet

    1. PDF: Business Plan Detailed Outline

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    4. Download: Cash Flow Statement

    1. PDF: Executive Summary #1

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    3. PDF: eCommerce Business Plan

    4. Download: Income Statement Templates

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